Use Google to Search the Marketplace Listings…

Search the Second Life® Marketplace Listings using Google Search:

The box above only searches for items listed in the Second Life Marketplace.

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This is a little tool I made for myself, but you are welcome to use it.  I have found that the search engine on the Second Life Marketplace website doesn’t give very good results.  Most of the items in the search results don’t seem to be related to my search term.  Then I discovered that Google also indexes the SL Marketplace, and the search results from Google are much more relevant.  So I created a custom search engine to search the Marketplace using Google.  Please try it, I think you will like the results.

This is not to say that the search feature on SL Marketplace is useless.  I actually enjoy looking at all the odd stuff that comes up with a search.  Just that if you want something specific, it can take a while to wade through all the seemingly unrelated search results.  What I would really like is to have Second Life improve their search results.

Disclaimer: I also have reason to be biased, the products I sell on Marketplace come up much earlier in the search results using Google!  Plus the ads on the Google results pages are tied to my account and I do get a small fee for them.   ;)

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